Taylor Short

Taylor Short

Taylor Short is the Founder of Harmonious Return where she works to reconnect people back to themselves, others and Mother Earth, naturally.

Taylor works with clients who are unhappy, unfulfilled, anxious or depressed in life and are seeking a better way to live. Through her own experience with this and her process of eliminating toxins of the mind, body and soul, she was able to go from a place where she had lost the desire to live to a soul-led incredibly fulfilling life. She is intricately connected to nature and uses natural tools and techniques to help support the process in a gentle, simple manner.

Her services include one-on-one naturally-aligned coaching programs as well as nature-connected retreats.

She believes within the depths of her heart that we are all completely whole already and that sometimes we simply need some support to awaken and return home to our unique and individual harmony.

To contact Taylor for inquiry, you can reach her at or